Presented on this page are a selection of testimonials from Kali’s customers. Read what people say about tantra coaching, tantra workshops, sessions for couples and individuals. Feedback presented here is from people who have worked with Kali Chandra.

Kali’s work takes her around the world. Feedback in the form of customer references, has come from people throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.

…Words seem inadequate… but I must write to tell you how wonderful it was meeting you. Your initial ‘speech’ vibed with me straight away – emphasizing the gentle, compassionate, loving physical, rather than just academic tantric – then experiencing your tender and sensual way was startlingly erotic, but that was clearly just a shadow of the depth of loving contact you showed me. How lovely to have you coach me so confidently, guiding me in restraining my masculine forces.

Your path of extraordinary passion, coupled with such a beautiful embodiment of the Divine feminine, was a revelation for me. I was extremely drawn to you but also felt fear in knowing what you might stir in my body and soul. Always feeling honoured in my process, I felt like you allowed me to express myself however I needed, without any judgement, only ever feeling pure love radiating back at me.

Throughout our time working together I began to really understand the great depth of sensual communication that becomes possible with such a close but delicate and restrained intimacy, apart from these wonderful insights into the fantastic ephemeral nature of meeting of the masculine and feminine energies.

Not only does it feel like you’ve taken me another planet but I now feel more connected to my heart, my sexuality and so many parts of my life have changed for the better. Working with you has been one of the most rewarding and rich experiences of my life!

~ Greg Barnes, Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for today’s session. it was an experience that I will never forget. I know that I was a little quiet afterwards, I was still processing the experience. It was like I tapped into the Samurai Warrior and I wasn’t consciously aware what went on after that, the only part I do recall was the energy build up and being dispersed, and expanded. it was like an out of body experience, and it was absolutely amazing. I walked away feeling so grounded, relaxed, energized and changed some how. So thank you.

~ Steven Bouris, Melbourne, Australia

In our sessions together, I experienced the extraordinary effects of Kali’s touch. As she placed her hands on different parts of my body, ecstasy awakened inside me. As she guided me to breathe into it, bliss begun moving through my whole being, in amplifying waves growing in intensity. It was a healing, empowering, and restorative experience, as she helped me to contact the potency of my sexual energy in a cool, non aroused way. Kali has a soothing, calming and vivacious presence. She is well grounded in a rich tradition of tantric techniques, with remarkable skill and exquisite kinaesthetic intelligence. She is a safe and supportive person to go to if you need sexual healing and want to become more conscious and vital in your sexual energy.

~ Tom Hope, Melbourne, Australia

During the tantric session with Kali I experienced a lot of bliss and reached a deep state of samadhi which resulted in profound meditations for the next few days. I resonated with how in-tune with my energy Kali was and how well she responded to me during the session. I would and do recommend Kali frequently as a Tantric Dakini worker with men and women. It is her own high frequency energy and positive attitude that impresses me most. If you’ve had a session with her then you know what I mean. If not I then I’d tell you it’s well worth booking a session. You’ll be glad you did! Namaste.

~ Bud Barber, Melbourne, Australia

My first tantric experience was with Kali and my partner, who has practiced Tantra before. In our erotic Tantra session, Kali catered to both of our needs and experience levels, leaving me feeling as relaxed and peaceful as I have ever been.

Kali drew out my femininity and desire, and helped me to access the Goddess within me. She enabled me to further understand my partner’s masculinity, and intimately touch his soul.

A most beautiful thing experience. Thank you Kali.

~ Astrid & Jay, Melbourne, Australia

You’ve taken me places I’ve never been before. My hands still vibrate as I write this.You have given me more in one session than 12 days in a Tantra course. I will never be the same man again.

~ Boaz Capsouto, Paris, France

I wanted to thank you for a life changing weekend in your workshop. I will admit at first I was a little skeptical being from “Traditional” patterns of thinking and love making. Your gentle and understanding approach was exactly what I needed for a first time experience.

~ Mark Cruise, Melbourne, Australia

The other night I was so deep processing in my dream, my body was numb and at times cramping. It was very frightening. As if I was going into past trauma.

Was really challenging to endure the process during the dream, soon after I woke up after some reflection, I felt so much gratitude! I realised that something very big had been healed, which was for sure connected to what we worked with during the session.

You have allowed me to release some major patterns in my life!

~ Richard Suit, Paros, Greece

My girlfriend and I were lucky to experience a couples Tantra session with Kali in Koh Pan Gan. We were feeling disillusioned with the style of Tantra we studied there.

Kali reconnected us with the “heart and soul” of Tantra and helped re-motivate us for further studies. By having Kali share her extensive knowledge and experience we now feel like we’ve reconnected with our path and are teaching in Russia together.

~ Simon Rose & Anastasia Rose, Koh Phangan, Thailand

For me it was clear, early on, that you had the capacity to direct the session however it was best for me. This allowed the session to go very deep and was surprisingly therapeutically strong for me.

I trusted you entirely in what you do so I could surrender very easily throughout the entire session. Never have I experienced this level of impact before. Every cell in my body feels open and energized.

~ Richard Anderson, Cassis, France

My partner and I had a Tantra session together with Kali. We weren’t exactly sure what we were going to do, but Kali’s relaxed approach allowed us both to feel completely at ease. She is professional, yet fun, providing valuable tools in a way that are functional and accessible.

~ Lisa Entwistle & George Gee, Melbourne, Australia

Kali is very connected to her own sensuality, thus, has a unique gift for drawing out another person’s sensuality. My experience with her was tender, inviting and quite educational! I learned some very valuable things around how to reconnect with my wife and my own sexuality. I already feel the effects from the session ripple though my relationship. Altogether a wonderful session.

~ Alan Matt, Melbourne, Australia

My session with Kali was life changing. I left a different man with a greater understanding of who I am. Her gentle nature, vast knowledge and powerful energetic abilities were exceptional.

~ Conrad Star, Melbourne , Australia

After my session with you I now know what tantra is! I have a better understanding of my body and the flow of energy that runs through it. You are very energetic and friendly which helped me to relax and feel comfortable. I am feeling the benefits of working with you and am looking forward to our next session.

~ Chris Winston, Melbourne, Australia

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