tantra_innerpageimgTantra is a spiritual path leading you to transformation & expansion, embracing all aspects of life. This awareness practice brings us to the totality of our being, because tantra includes our sexuality by it’s very nature, incorporating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sexual energy can express itself in very distorted ways in our society, creating a world where people are unaware sexually and disconnected spiritually. An energy so powerful that many cultures in today’s society have gone to extremes in their attempts to repress it through shame, guilt and fear. This repression often creates stagnant energy in our sexual centre, impacting various areas of our lives including our vitality. This is where focusing on sexuality within tantra can free up more life force energy so we can then become in touch with our authentic essence, our truth, guidance and wisdom again.

Often people who have deep wounds relating to their sexuality do not feel empowered in their lives. When we heal our sexual wounds and own our sexuality we then gain access to our own personal and emotional healing power. Sexuality expressed in an open healthy way can then becomes one of the fastest routes to awakening.

People often think tantra is all about sex nothing but could be further from the truth. Actually, it’s a path of meditation which uses the body and senses as a means to have a deeper connection with yourself and with life – even if you’ve already done a lot of personal development and self discovery it can sometimes be all in the mind, where most of us are comfortable living. Tantra brings us into the body, inspiring personal embodiment and spiritual development that’s been on an intellectual level but brings it home.

Tantra can assist in bringing us back by guiding us in letting go, peeling away layers, clearing trauma, and dissolving all that is not our true nature. Uncovering all the things that hide our true essence, this path allows us to remember that we are already whole, already awake.