Explore your partner’s body with awe & curiosity, like you’ve never witnessed such beauty before.

What happens when you touch your lover’s body in a certain way, or sensually caress one another? Letting go of any goals, being fully present to every sensation.

When you drop into this space, deep erotic energy & discovery opens up…
Tantra for couples will guide you & your partner into a deeper union allowing you to discover intimacy in a new & sensual way. This will support the growth of your relationship into higher dimensions.

In the sessions men learn how to access their true sexual power manifesting the relationships they’ve always wanted. Women will be invited to access their deep feminine essence, discovering new ways to express their Goddess potential. Exploring each other’s bodies in new ways with increased clarity will transform life with your partner into an ongoing dance of desire, sensuality & love.

Kali will mentor you as a couple, together or alone, to transform your relationship into a spontaneous space of love & love making; embedded with attention, respect & full presence in every interaction. In this process, through healing of old wounds & letting go of any goals, you re~open the doors of sensation & walk together into a deeply erotic landscape where you will be able to fuse ecstatic love into every moment of your day.

When lovers develop a more conscious approach to their relationship a deeper trust will build & a stronger bond then unifies the lovers. The couple then can meet in a more compassionate understanding of each others needs, desires & choices. Standing in authenticity is a commitment to the path of truth & to one another. Knowing that whatever arises within the relationship, your love can dissolve old patterns & dysfunctional energy. Your Tantric relationship then becomes a vessel for the transformation of shadows (unconscious aspects of ourselves) into light.

Private Tantra Sessions for Couples

Couples’ Tantra Benefits Include:
  • Tantric excercises to assist you to open up the heart & connect to your partner from a space of unconditional love
  • Creating tantric sexual meditation practices together
  • Develop sexual skills to deepen your intimacy, connection, & pleasure
  • Tap into various ways which inspire you to reach the full potential of your relationship
  • Devotional rituals
  • Transform your love making into a sacred experience
  • Learn how to be able to offer a tantric massage to your partner
  • Understanding your partners needs, wants & desires
  • Integrating the masculine & feminine energies

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