Learn Tantric Dance

Tantric dance is a form of integrating traditional & ancient movement with the art of sexuality & spirit. The receiver is exposed to a new language of presence through movement that helps build up positive sexual energy & channel it throughout the body in a synchronised dance, unifying body & soul.

Whether woven into a Tantric session or given as a separate development process you will be guided into a deep space of surrender, inviting you to open your heart & tap into higher dimensions of consciousness.

The techniques used in the Tantric dance process fuse touch, sound, breath, sexuality & ecstatic movement in order to nurture your ability to re-connect to your vitality & experience staying more present in your body.

These sessions transform our energetic blocks by supporting the release of emotions held in the body, thus assisting us to unlock unhealthy patterns, making our life force more available to us. Once released, we can reclaim our power & enter into ecstatic states of transformation.

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