“Let go of your wounds and release tension. Reconnect with your essential life-energy” ~ Kali Chandra


Tantric awakening for individuals can be anything from a single Tantra session to a deep continuous process of sexual transformation. Sessions are personalized to fully meet you on your journey, where you will be guided into further expanded states. This process addresses issues such as sexuality, relationships, love & spirituality; supporting your growth, so that being & doing can merge together as one.

The sessions include a variety of methods & practices such as counseling, meditation, breath work, massage, movement, sound, energy work, emotional release, guided visualisation & partnered excercises. It is you who guides how deeply you choose to open & how far you choose to expand. When you experience the sexual energy merging with your heart, your sexual energy becomes a gateway to oneness. This often leads to a whole bodied experience where you let go & surrender, allowing yourself to be in full acceptance & receptivity.

Are You Considering Tantra Guidance?

Be Amazed! Benefits Include:
  • Heal premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm or any other sexual dysfunction
  • Assisting you to relax & release previously held tension in the body, letting go of old patterns that are no longer serving you in your life
  • To drop out of the mind & reconnect with the body
  • Releasing shame, guilt & judgment around your sexuality
  • Reach blissful altered states of consciousness
  • Experience feeling honoured & connected in a loving space
  • Learn skills which will assist you in connecting sexually with your partner
  • Discover the true potency of your masculine/feminine energy
  • More understanding of how to connect with the feminine/masculine

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